Glenville Terrace auto body - Blame Game

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Yelp filtered all my reviews so here we go.

Years ago I had an accident and damaged both wheels on the left hand side of my Mazda RX8. The Wheels to replace costs $500 each so I decided to get a new set of after market rims for the price of the two wheels. After they fixed the body and other some other damage I noticed that when I got my car back when I drove there was a weird squeaking rotating sound in the back. I brought it back to the shop and the two brothers/owners blamed it on my new wheels. I had to take it to another auto shop for a second opinion and actually something else was still damaged. It wasnt until I wrote a 1 star review that they contacted me back to reimburse me for the final repairs plus some gas money if I changed the rating on my online reviews.

About a year later I noticed that my trunk is slightly misaligned after they did their repair work.

Overall I would AVOID this place.

I would not have updated my review if I did not see another reviewer on yelp having a similar problem in a sea of 5 star reviews.

Just wanted to post my honest opinion and I hope those who are reading my reviews can find a better shop.


Review about: Replace Costs.

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